Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Appointment

What are the steps in receiving a Medical Marijuana card in PA?

There are 3 steps to becoming a PA Medical Marijuana patient and at Parkside Medical, we can help you do all three.

    Step 1- Create an online profile

    Become registered by creating an online profile with the PA Department of Health here by using a computer and your valid PA state ID or drivers license. Make sure to save your username and password.

    Pro Tip: Don’t use your cell phone or tablet to register, when inputting your information use all caps, and have a working email (you’ll receive updates/info through email)

    Step 2- Create an online profile

    Have your certification appointment with one of our qualified physicians. Schedule Your Appointment here.

    Step 3 – Buy your card

    Pay the state $50 for your physical card. Log back into your account with your PA DOH username and password. Find the make payment tab to fulfill the state fee. If you participate in any government assistance programs, you may qualify for reductions in cost. You will only be able to pay the state fee after you have been certified by the physician.

    Are Medical Marijuana products or the Medical Marijuana certification visit covered by insurance?

    Neither product nor visits are covered at this time.

      What do I need to do for recertification?

      1. Navigate to your Make Payment tab in your Department of Health profile here: https://padohmmp.custhelp.com/app/login and enter your login information to pay you $50 state fee
      PA DOH Helpdesk line: 888.733.5595

      2. You can schedule your PA MMJ Recertification Telemedicine 1 HOUR WINDOW appointment online at your earliest convenience! https://parksidemmj.setmore.com/

      What will my appointment be like?

      You’ll meet with one of our physicians, and we’ll get to speak to you about your qualifying conditions and the symptoms you’re looking to alleviate. We hold space for open communication, and want to know how medical marijuana has improved your quality of life.

        What should I bring to my appointment?

        You will need a valid PA issued state ID or drivers license, patient card (renewal only), proof of employment (Cannabis industry only) and pre-payment. If you have any prior paperwork or medical records pertaining to your qualifying condition we encourage you to have them on hand.

        If you do not have records, we can still work with you to help you get qualified.

          After Appointment

          What’s it like the first time visiting a dispensary (Medical Marijuana Shop)?

          Once you receive your card in the mail you can purchase your medicine at any dispensary in Pennsylvania. You can find dispensary locations using the PA DOH website here.

          Upon arrival, show your PA State ID and Medical Marijuana card (they have the same photo from your PA state ID) at the door to be allowed into the shop. Then you’ll get checked in by the front desk, have a moment in the waiting room, and called in when ready. You can meet with a Pharmacist if you’d like to discuss your qualifying condition or talk to any Patient Consultant available to help you make your purchase. We recommend meeting with a medical professional at your dispensary to discuss your qualifying conditions and help you navigate product availability.

          Cash only at all dispensaries, there are ATM machines on-site.

            How long does it take for my card to come in the mail?

            After you make the $50 payment to the DOH, your card will arrive in the mail in 1-2 weeks. It will have the same photo on the card that is on file with the state that is on your drivers license or state ID and will mail to the address that is on your PA state ID or drivers license.

              Do I need to wait for my card to arrive to get into the dispensary?


                Can I use my card in other states?

                Sometimes. Every state has different rules, some states allow Medical Marijuana cards to be used for discounts, like Nevada and DC. This PA MMJ card will give you access to all dispensaries in PA.

                  Can I bring my best friend with me into the dispensary?

                  Friends/Family/Significant Others will only be allowed in if they have their own valid Medical Marijuana card.

                    General Questions

                    What will my PA Medical Marijuana card give me access to?

                    You can visit any dispensary (cannabis shop) in PA and work with an on-staff pharmacist or patient consultant to determine what type and consumption method are right for you.

                      Make an appointment or visit us today.

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                      CERTIFICATION APPOINTMENT 

                      $150 for initial 1 year certification* $75 for 1 year re-certification*
                      * Lower than PA Compassionate Care Standard

                      Call us at (215) 970-1450 to make an appt. or walk-ins are welcome!

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