The Power Within

Our highest selves are being called forward to be the helpers; helping others by helping ourselves maintain a healthy and balanced state of being throughout times of uncertainty and disease, or Diss Ease.

How do we do this?

“Keep your immune system running optimally by eating healthy and staying hydrated. Flushing your body with room temperature water will make it more difficult for the virus to enter. Ingesting nourishing vegetables while avoiding sugar and stress eating is key.” Dr. Glenn Rosen, MD

Practicing morning rituals to stimulate the digestive system and alkalize the body will help to maintain a boosted immune system.

We like this tonic:

-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar with “mother”

-1 tbsp chopped ginger (chew this down after it seeps)

-4 tbsp lemon juice

-1 tsp honey to taste

-12 oz hot water

Following a variation of a warm tonic with plenty of room temperature water, nourishing whole foods, and avoiding sugar throughout the day will aid in armoring your system against unwanted germs.

Limiting social interaction and mindfully managing heightened personal hygiene requirements is our responsibility as humans all interconnected to this planet, to each other, and to the universe. Feel that interconnection through the outdoors and open spaces around and above you. Many of us are vitamin D deficient. Take in those sunny days and notice the charge.

If you work with earths crystal formations such as rose quartz and kyanite, you know that placing them close to the skin can leave you feeling a sense of calm. We are electromagnetic beings made up of mostly water. Pure intention crystal therapy is meant to promote the emission of highest frequency vibrations to activate the laws of attraction. Receiving in the energy you give out.

To do this, UNPLUG from technology signals. Lean into simple rituals that lift your spirit. Absorb meaningful content. Find the true gifts presenting themselves to you in this moment…in the face of crisis. Music, song, and dance is our universal gift. Share them with yourself; move your body and release stagnant energy. The gift of cannabis medicine with high CBD ratios and full plant extracts can aid in overall homeostasis in the body while allowing us to feel and move from within. When we take time to turn inward, we tune into the ability to send high frequency vibrations of love to ourselves and to one another. This is true healing power.

Meditation and Breath-work: Take a moment to breathe. Always. Anytime. Anywhere.

Quieting the mind through channels of our breath is a tool we all have access to but commonly under use. When we get out of the chest and breathe deeply into the diaphragm we allow ourselves to ground and give our autonomic nervous system (our control system that acts unconsciously to regulate bodily functions) the opportunity to consciously tune in and begin to heal.

Try this: Set the tone first thing in the A.M.

Find a comfortable seated position (can be on the floor with legs crossed in front or not) in a space that feels good to you. With your sitting bones firmly rooted and your shoulders back and down away from the ears, take your left hand to your heart, feel its pulse, place your right hand onto the soft space of your belly. Taking a deep inhale, feel your stomach begin to fill up like a balloon, pressing into your right palm expanding completely. (don’t be afraid to push out your belly here) To exhale, pull your navel back towards the spine as if you’re squeezing the air out of a balloon, exhale out fully through the nose, stomach completely retracts backwards away from right palm.

Repeat this breath to acquire your rhythm, and when you start to feel your calm, do 5 more rounds. Then, gently resting hands on tops of thighs, palms up to receive or palms down to ground…soften the gaze, separate and relax the jaw, pull the tongue away from the roof of your mouth. Breathe. Feel the warm space you created. Stay here. Envision the day as this space of tranquility wrapped around the container you’ve created for yourself. Wear this armor and remember that you are a sovereign being.

Sedative and supportive inversions for calming anxiety and aiding in restful sleep.

You can practice getting your head below your heart through mild inversions like laying your back flat on your bed with your legs straight up your head board or the wall. This can be done flat on the floor and against the wall as well. The key here is to line your bottom sitting bones flush to the wall, headboard, or vertical support, with your legs straight up against this support and the back lying flat on the bed or floor. Left hand to the heart, right hand to the belly, focus on feeling those deep belly breaths pushing and pulling in and out of the palm. Resting here, breathing here, feeling the blood start to re-oxygenate through the body and into areas of injury, trauma, tension. Breathe. This is your body healing itself. Take on this sensation. If you feel you need a rest, bring the bottoms of the feet to touch together, knees out wide and bent, guiding the legs down slowly. Take your time, push the legs back up to try another round. Start in 10 minute intervals and build yourself up each time.

To come out of this pose simply turn onto your side from your resting position (lowered legs with bent knee.) Use your top arm to ground the palm into the earth and press yourself up to a seated position. Take your time bringing yourself back up to standing. If you are in bed and ready to rest, simply turn yourself around and begin to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

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